Hey there!

Thanks for checking out Kyrie. I created Kyrie in 2019 as a way to connect podcast hosts and listeners. As a devout listener of several podcasts (How I Built This, Robinhood Snacks, Faith Driven Entrepreneur, etc.), I yearned for a better way to communicate with the hosts.

Twitter and Facebook didn't feel right, since posts would usually be lost in feeds. Reddit also lacked a lot of podcast-specific features, such as quoting timestamps or interacting directly with the host.

Kyrie plans to solve that. If you're a listener, Kyrie helps connect you with hosts and other listeners. If you're a podcast creator, Kyrie helps you connect and engage your podcast audience.

I hope Kyrie proves to be useful to you, no matter if you're a listener or podcaster. If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear them. Do reach out.


p.s. if you were wondering, Kyrie is pronounced ky-REE, not kee-ree.