Kyrie Launches New Landing Pages to Connect Podcasters with Listeners

Introducing Kyrie Landing Pages - a new way to engage with your listeners.
San Francisco, California – Kyrie today announced new Podcast Landing Pages for Podcasters to connect with their Listeners. Podcasters who sign up for Kyrie can create a landing page for their podcast in under 30 seconds.
With a Kyrie Landing Page, both Podcasters and Listeners can connect through three new ways: Direct Messages, Mailing List, and Discussions. When a Listener sends in a Direct Message, the Podcaster is notified automatically over email and can respond via the Podcaster Dashboard. When the Podcaster releases a new episode, the episode is transcribed and a Discussion is automatically created. All Listeners who have interacted with the Landing Page are added to the podcast's Mailing List.
Podcaster Dashboards – a place to view, understand and engage with your audience.
Kyrie has also published Podcaster Dashboards to help Podcasters keep track of their audience growth. At any point in time, Podcasters can log on to their Dashboard to see who is subscribed. They can also export their subscriber list, or send email announcements on the Kyrie platform.
Podcasters also have the ability to automate announcements, such as New Episode Emails which is automatically sent out once an episode is published, or Welcome Emails when a Listener subscribes.
Listeners and Podcasters can Direct Message each other.
"We're excited to launch our new Landing Pages after beta testing with over 60 podcasts on Kyrie. We believe in the connection that Kyrie brings to both listeners and podcasters with our new Landing Pages.", said Sidwyn Koh, Kyrie's founder. "Over the past few months, we have spent countless hours talking to podcasters and understanding the problems they face. After months of hard work, we look forward to see how podcasters use the Kyrie platform."
Beginning today till the end of March, all podcasters who sign up for Kyrie will receive a free subscription till the end of April. Pricing plans have not yet been released, but there will be a discount for those who sign up before 31 March 2020. The subscription includes monitoring of RSS feeds, free episode transcriptions, automatic email announcements and many more features.
To sign up, visit