Long Distance Travel? Ummm...No.
discussing 11:10

My father in law is from Vietnam and is always saying that me and my husband should go and it would be great! yeah, its a 23 hour flight with a couple stops. Now that we got the baby there is no way we are gonna pull that off. I would absolutely love to go because his entire family still lives there and he says it is absolutely beautiful but I am so afraid of flying there's no way i would survive a full 24 hours in an airplane.

Vietnam is one of my favorite places in the world. So amazing

how i will always think about flying in an airplane…

one of the many reasons i hate that louis ck turned out to be a creepster

Ha! It's always been a dream of mine to walk the Great Wall of China but the last time I was on an airplane I was so freaked out I was openly praying and the couple next to me kept giving me their water and trying to calm me down. It was mortifying…

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