Last Leg - Ep. 33 - w/ Chris Turner & Jackie Trudel
What were your thoughts on this episode?

They are talking about the movie 1917 at 55:54 and talking about that the movie was filmed in one shot. Does that mean that they really just basically recorded a 2 hour play while the actors did the entire movie or more like Clint Eastwood movies where each scene gets like one shot and then on to the next??

this at 38:16 reminds me of a time that I was driving through a town in georgia and they had a big ass crane to build a giant office building or something. I was sitting at a redlight and watched the crane turn, then wabble, then slowly start to fall. it fucked up a bunch of cars but it destroyed the back seat of this green jeep that had been at the light. the lady in the front seat was in shock. thankfully there weren't any kids in the car but there was a car seat in the back. could have been a tragedy. someone got fired that day.

srsly!! you can't talk about a boys trip to tailand with your wife sitting right there. especially if shes never been before. damn!! take your lady to see the prostitutes bro!!!

Thank you Jackie for having our backs at 52:51!!! In my defense, I wasn't bitching because yall didn't know the names of some obscure Disney casts. It was about the movie Hidden Figures, which was a huge blockbuster. You didn't have to have seen the movie but yall acted like you hadn't even heard of it before...

28:44 NOOOOOOO!!!!! don't ruin burning man for me man!!! i have always wanted to go! please don't tell me it sucks! years ago i watched this ted talk about a little girl that went to burning man and it was so fucking inspirational. please don't tell me it sucks :(

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